March 08, 2018

Day 40 - A Course in Miracles

Day 40 - A Course in Miracles

ACIM Workbook Lesson 40 Insights

“I am blessed as a Son of God.”

Today’s lesson once more asks us to accept the truth about ourselves. In truth, everyone is blessed as a Son of God. In truth, everyone is an extension of God — an extension of God’s Love. Because we all are God’s Love, we bless and are blessed. Because we are God’s Love, we extend Love as God does. All are in holy union with God. We cannot be without Love’s blessing, because we all are Love. And Love, to be Love, extends Love. Love sees all as Itself. Love sees all is Itself.

Affirming “I am blessed as a Son of God” every 10 minutes is important mind training. It helps me return to accepting the truth about myself and about everyone. If I really want to return to the truth and accept the blessings of my true inheritance, I will practice consistently today. I will do as Jesus instructs, for he does know how to lead me Home. He is our elder brother. He knows that our minds are still undisciplined. I am determined to follow Jesus’ instructions today. I am determined to accept the truth that I am blessed as a Son of God.

In Chapter 4, Section IV, paragraph 7 of the Text, it says that the reason we lack consistency in focusing our attention on the Love of God is not because it is hard, but because we do not believe we are worthy of it. In today’s lesson, Jesus clearly recognizes that we may miss some practice periods, maybe even for long periods. But he urges us not to let that discourage us or to use it as an excuse to stop practicing. He simply says, “Try again.” No guilt, just try again.

One of the things that has struck me over the years as I have worked with the Course is that it is gentle. There is no coercion, only loving encouragement. Never does it shame or judge us for our insanity. It just patiently, repeatedly encourages us, reminding us of what is true and helping us to recognize illusions for what they are. Sometimes we may take offense at what it says, because we have identified with a false image of ourselves and perceive the words as an attack on who we are. But that is simply the ego trying to hold its ground.

No matter what we believe about ourselves, no matter how much we deny God’s Love for us, He continues to give all of His Love, eternally. He gives His Love without consideration of whether or not we accept it. He is always giving. If we are not aware of His blessing, it is simply because we have chosen not to accept it. But His blessing remains there for us to receive the instant we are willing. If I am blessed as a Son of God, then God must want me to be happy. If I am not happy, I am not accepting God’s will for me. Today I will practice remembering I am blessed as a Son of God because I want to be happy.

I love that I am not judged for my lapses. I love the gentleness of the Course. I often think of this when I am tempted to judgment or anger over another person’s actions. Gentleness and forgiveness is not always my first choice, but more and more I am stepping out of the destructive cycle of blame and fear, and choosing gentleness instead.

I am so grateful for this change in myself. I know it is a direct result of these lessons. I keep working on the lessons because I want a gentle life without excursions into fear, anger, guilt and judgment.

Urtext – Manual for Teachers


A teacher of God is anyone who chooses to be one. His qualifications consist solely in this; somehow, somewhere he has made a deliberate choice in which he did not see his interests as apart from someone else's. Once he has done that his road is established and his direction is sure. A light has entered the darkness. It may be a single light, but that is enough. He has entered an agreement with God, even if he does not yet believe in Him. He has become a bringer of salvation. He has become a teacher of God.


Urtext – Workbook for Students

40. “I am blessed as a Son of God.”

 Today we will begin to insert some of the happy things to which you are entitled, being what you are. No long practice periods are required today, but very frequent short ones are necessary. Once every ten minutes would be highly desirable, and you are urged to attempt this and to adhere to this schedule whenever possible. If you forget, try again. If there are long interruptions, try again.

 Whenever you remember, try again. 

You need not close your eyes for the exercise periods, although you will probably find it more helpful if you do. However, you may be in a number of situations during the day when closing your eyes would not be appropriate. Do not miss a practice period because of this. You can practice quite well under almost any circumstance, if you really want to. 

Today’s exercises take little time and no effort. Repeat today’s idea, and then add several of the attributes which you associate with being a Son of God, applying them to yourself. One practice period might, for example, consist of the following:

 “I am blessed as a Son of God. I am happy, peaceful, loving and contented.” 

Another might be something as follows:

 “I am blessed as a Son of God. I am calm, quiet, assured and confident.”

 If only a brief period is available, merely telling yourself that you are blessed as a Son of God will do.

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