March 18, 2018

Day 67 - A Course in Miracles

Day 67 - A Course in Miracles

Attack and Fear

IV. The Relinquishment of Attack

39 We have used many words as synonymous which are not ordinarily regarded as the same. We began with having and being and more recently have used others. Hearing and being are examples, to which we can also add teaching and being, learning and being and, above all, projecting and being. This is because, as we have said before, every idea begins in the mind of the thinker and extends outward. Therefore, what extends from the mind is still in it, and from what it extends it knows itself . That is its natural talent. The word "knows" is correct here, even though the ego does not know and is not concerned with being at all.

40 The Holy Spirit still holds knowledge safe through His impartial perception. By attacking nothing, He presents no barrier at all to the communication of God. Thus, being is never threatened. Your Godlike mind can never be defiled. The ego never was and never will be part of it, but through the ego you can hear and teach and learn what is not true . From this, which you have made, you have taught yourselves to believe that you are not what you are. You cannot teach what you have not learned, and what you teach you strengthen in yourselves because you are sharing it. Every lesson you teach you are learning.

41 That is why you must teach only one lesson. If you are to be conflict-free yourselves, you must learn only from the Holy Spirit and teach only by Him. You are only love, but when you denied this you made what you are something you must learn . We said before that the message of the crucifixion was, "Teach only love, for that is what you are ." This is the one lesson which is perfectly unified because it is the only lesson which is one. Only by teaching it can you learn it. "As you teach, so will you learn." If that is true, and it is true indeed, you must never forget that what you teach is teaching you . What you project you believe .

42 The only real safety lies in projecting only the Holy Spirit because, as you see His gentleness in others, your own mind perceives itself as totally harmless. Once it can accept this fully, it does not see the need to protect itself. The protection of God then dawns upon it, assuring it that it is perfectly safe forever. The perfectly safe are wholly benign. They bless because they know they are blessed. Without anxiety the mind is wholly kind and because it projects beneficence, it is beneficent.

43 Safety is the complete relinquishment of attack . No compromise is possible in this. Teach attack in anyform, and you have learned it, and it will hurt you. Yet your learning is not immortal, and you can unlearn it by not teaching it . Since you cannot not teach, your salvation lies in teaching the exact opposite of everything the ego believes. This is how you will learn the truth that will set you free and keep you so, as others learn it of you. The only way to have peace is to teach peace. By learning it through projection it becomes a part of what you know because you cannot teach what you have dissociated.

44 Only thus can you win back the knowledge that you threw away. An idea which you share you must have . It awakens in you through the conviction of teaching. Remember that, if teaching is being and learning is being, then teaching is learning. Everything you teach you are learning. Teach only love, and learn that love is yours, and you are love.

A Course in Miracles

Lesson 67
Love created me like Itself.

1 Today's idea is a complete and accurate statement of what you are. This is why you are the light of the world. This is why God appointed you as the world's savior. This is why the Son of God looks to you for his salvation. He is saved by what you are.

2 We will make every effort today to reach this truth about you and to realize fully, if only for a moment, that it is the truth. In the longer practice period, we will think about your reality and its wholly unchanged and unchangeable nature. We will begin by repeating this truth about you and then spend a few minutes adding some relevant thoughts, such as:

3 Holiness created me holy.
 Kindness created me kind.
 Helpfulness created me helpful.
 Perfection created me perfect.

4 Any attribute which is in accord with God as He defines Himself is appropriate for use. We are trying today to undo your definition of God and replace it with His own. We are also trying to emphasize that you are part of His definition of Himself.

5 After you have gone over several such related thoughts, try to let all thoughts drop away for a brief preparatory interval, and then try to reach past all your images and preconceptions about yourself to the truth in you. If Love created you like Itself, this Self must be in you. And somewhere in your mind, It is there for you to find.

6 You may find it necessary to repeat the idea for today from time to time to replace distracting thoughts. You may also find that this is not sufficient and that you need to continue adding other thoughts related to the truth about yourself. Yet perhaps you will succeed in going past that and through the interval of thoughtlessness to the awareness of a blazing light in which you recognize yourself as Love created you. Be confident that you will do much today to bring that awareness nearer, whether you feel you have succeeded or not.

7 It will be particularly helpful today to practice the idea for today as often as you can. You need to hear the truth about yourself as frequently as possible because your mind is so preoccupied with false self-images. Four or five times an hour, and perhaps even more, it would be most beneficial to remind yourself that Love created you like Itself. Hear the truth about yourself in this.

8 Try to realize in the shorter practice periods that this is not your tiny solitary voice that tells you this. This is the Voice for God reminding you of your Father and of your Self. This is the Voice of truth replacing everything that the ego tells you about yourself with the simple truth about the Son of God. You were created by Love like Itself.

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